Lion of Judah – Portait of and for Tony.

Portraits aren’t really something that I am used to drawing. But I wanted to try doing one for my brother in Christ Tony.

Who, along with his wife and family, have become so much a part of my heart and have blessed me so very much.

So this is the result of my first effort at doing a portrait since I have started getting back into my art.


Photo of Lion of Judah (Tony) Pic


The above picture is a camera shot of the finished sketch. Sadly the light wasn’t too good. But it does show the finished item in slightly more detail than a scan.


Scan of Lion of Judah (Tony) Pic

Scan of Lion of Judah (Tony) Pic

The above picture is a scan of the Lion of Judah picture that I had sketched for Tony. Because it is a scan of a pencil sketch it doesn’t really come out very well but it does show a flatter more complete (if you will) view.

I called this sketch ‘The Lion of Judah’ because it really suits both the subject matter ( Lion and Jewish flag in the background) and to Tony and his faith.

As always I am extremely critical and never completely happy with my own work. But since I don’t usually do portraits and have only just started getting back into my art, I am fairly pleased with it.


For Israel (Sketch)

As I mentioned in my last post, I have – as a result of a conversation with one of my daughters – been getting back into my art.  And so yesterday – since my mental health wasn’t too good and reading or writing was proving difficult. I thought that I would spend a little time doing another sketch.

What is happening with Israel and Gaza and Hamas has been on my mind and in my heart and my prayers for some time now and I had a concept for a drawing – concerning that – in my mind and wanted to see if I could actually put it down on paper as I saw it in my mind.

So I started off by sketching a lion – which would of course represent the Lion of Judah.

I liked the way it was taking shape.  And since I was also chatting on the computer whilst sketching I thought I would send a snapshot of how it was taking shape.


Once the Lion was all but finished it was time to add the background that I wanted.



This would bring the sketch relevant to the concept and subject matter that I wanted.


And having mapped the background that I wanted it was time to finalize the sketch.


But, of course, I am never fully happy with my work and so then – last night – reflected over whether or not to ink the sketch in.  I really like working with pen and ink and thought it would add an extra depth to the picture.

For Israel

But instead of inking the sketch in by hand, and since I was scanning the sketch in order to upload it to this blog, I ran it through a couple of quick computer generated inking processes and am very happy with the result.

Of course I am still very critical of the things I didn’t like in my original sketch.  But hey, that is just the way I am. 🙂

Getting Back Into My Art.

I have for some time now noticed that I had stopped doing certain things.  Writing my poetry.  Writing my blogs. Writing my novels.  And indeed doing my art.

During a conversation with one of my daughters I promised that I would try to get back into doing these as they are therapeutic and do help with my mental health.  And true to my word, (although I openly admit it has taken me long enough) I have started writing my blogs again.

The thing is that I did try to get back into my art and I did make a start but then my mental health deteriorated again (it does that sometimes) and I stopped again.

Well, I decided to try again  and so today have actually finished the first new picture which is for my daughter.  She is keen on penguins and so I wanted to draw a penguin for her.

Not sure if I am entirely happy with the picture.  But given the fact that it has been months since I did any artwork at all I am fairly pleased with it.



Ok I painted this one earlier this evening for a dear friend Rose, in NC.



Rose spoke about wanting a souvenir from Ireland – so how about an original, one-off painting done just for her?

I know how much Rose, like me, suffers with her health so I am going to frame this painting and send it to her soon and perhaps every time she sees it it will bring a smile to her as she remembers that she really is loved.

Birth of A Dinosaur

Before taking ill again I promised to do a Dinosaur picture for my Grandson Josh in Canada.

Well since tomorrow night at art group I am planning on teaching the new wet and dry water colour pencil technique that I have been developing I thought I would combine both my need to do Josh a dinosaur picture and my need to prep for tomorrow.

Birth of a Dinosaur

Birth of a Dinosaur

This is the picture I drew for Josh using the new technique.

I hope and pray that he likes it.

And The Lion Shall Lie Down With The Lamb

Well the truth is that this picture was done as I liked the concept.

The truth is however, that it is a very common misconceptions that it comes from the bible.  There is in fact no such statement in the bible and the closest is in Isaiah 11:6 which reads “6 The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”

Even so I loved the concept and so did the drawing.

Not completely happy with it but it is ok.

The Stealing of Youth

The third thing that I wanted to demonstrate at Art Group last night was that Water Colour Pencils as a medium can be used in different ways to produce different pictures.

To demonstrate this I chose to do a Manga style picture and of course had to make it personal.

So I created this picture which I entitled “The Stealing of Youth”

I hope you like it…

The Stealing of Youth

The Stealing of Youth

The Fawn – Water Colour Pencils

The other techniques I wanted to demonstrate at Art Group this week was that of sketching and colouring direct to the paper using water colour pencils and then applying the water afterwards.

In order to do this I spent a little time prior to the lesson and sketched the fawn in pencil first and then added the colour using the dry water colour pencils.

This then gave me this picture..

Pencil and Drya Water Colour Pencil Skecth

Fawn – Dry Sketch

At art group I showed the group this picture and then whilst they were all creating their own pieces I added water to the piece in order to demonstrate the different finish that it would create.

The finished picture thus looks like this…

Fawn Watercol1

Fawn Water colour

I hope you like it.

Free Hand Water Colour Pencil Duck

At Art Group this week we were looking at Water Colour Pencils and how versatile but manageable they are.

In order to demonstrate three different techniques I did three different picture.  This is one of them.


Duck using Free hand water colour pencils

With this picture I began simply by using the brush and taking the pigment straight from the Pencil tip and then brushing it onto the paper in order to create the duck.

For the water I used a combination of “tipping’  this being where I took the pigment straight from the tip of the pencil using a brush and of course bleeding where I dampened the paper and then added the pigment and also colouring straight onto the paper with the pencils and then brushing water onto it.

By using these techniques I could achieve the fluidity or motion of the water.